iOS 7.1 Update Out — How to Update Your iOS Device

I decided to update my old iOS upgrade guide with new iOS 7 based screen­shots and with iOS 7.1 out (full details on Macru​mors​.com, Mac​world​.com or Apple​.com), now’s as good a chance as any.

Min­i­mum Requirements

First make sure your device meets the com­pat­i­bil­ity require­ments Apple has spec­i­fied for iOS 7. You can check Apple’s web­site or view the screen­shot I’ve embed­ded below:

Unlike your com­puter where you might be able to run a new game or app on an older com­puter that doesn’t meet the min­i­mum sys­tem require­ments and just deal with slower per­for­mance or graph­ics, Apple’s iOS updates sim­ply won’t install on a device Apple hasn’t approved.


It’s the gear look­ing icon. If you can’t remem­ber where you put it, try swip­ing down to use Spot­light and start typ­ing “settings”:



Scroll down until you see Gen­eral


Soft­ware Update

Tap Soft­ware Update — which might have a 1 beside it indi­cat­ing there’s an update wait­ing. Oth­er­wise tap through and it will check for an update.


Check­ing for Update

Your iOS device will ping Apple’s soft­ware update servers to see if there’s a new version.

Checking for Updates

iOS 7.1 Down­load and Install

Tap the Down­load and Install option to get this party started.


Terms & Conditions

Lawyer speak for “We’re not respon­si­ble if this breaks your phone because, like, yo.”


Down­loads Ahoy

It’ll now begin down­load­ing. Your down­load size will vary depend­ing on what ver­sion of iOS you’re upgrad­ing from. In my case I had iOS 7.0? installed so it was a 152MB update.


At this point you can switch away and use your iOS device for other stuff while it’s updat­ing. (I got a phone call dur­ing my update. Thanks Mas­ter­card!) From my roots in the Microsoft Win­dows world I’m always sketchy about doing any­thing else while a soft­ware update is hap­pen­ing so your mileage may vary.

Prepar­ing Update

After down­load­ing it will pre­pare the update.


…and then it will con­tinue to prepare…


Install iOS 7.1 Update

Con­firm that what you’ve started you’d like to finish.

Note: Depend­ing on your device and ver­sion of iOS that you’re upgrad­ing from, it can take a half hour to update. So if you have a meet­ing in 5 min­utes, you may want to do it later.


Ver­i­fy­ing the Update

Wait! We need to ver­ify that what we just down­loaded is what we want to install. So wait!


Long White Bar of Upgrade Process

Now you wait while your iOS device gets updated.


Boom, You’re Done

It took about 30 min­utes for me start to fin­ish. Your mileage may vary.


If you nav­i­gate back to, Gen­eral and Soft­ware Update you should see that you’re good to go with iOS 7.1.


How does iOS 7.1 feel on your device? My ini­tial impres­sions on my iPhone 4 is that it’s snap­pier. We’ll see after more extended use.