Recording an iPad mini Display for App Reviews

Starting with the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and now the iPad mini, you’re able to use AirPlay to send what you see on your iOS device to an AppleTV. Great for using your iPad for Keynote or playing a game on a big screen.

If you add in an extra Mac application called Reflector ($14.99), you can use your Mac as the output device so you can see what’s on the iPad on your Mac. Throw in a screen capture program like ScreenFlow 4 ($99) and you can record videos of your iPad or iPhone which are great for training or reviews.

I recorded a quick test using Reflector and Screenflow while I played a quick game of Ski Safari ($0.99).

Sample Video

Direct link to video

Add a little voice over and a few title/graphics and you could do a pretty professional looking app review or promo/training video for a new app.

What do you think? Worth doing for a few apps I talk about on here?


  1. says

    Cool, Chris. Would the audio voiceover have to be added in post or is there some other way that you know of to capture it while recording the video?

  2. Chris says

    Hey Norm,

    Your comment got marked as spam for some reason so I didn’t see it until now – sorry!

    The way I recorded this I could record my voiceover while recording the screen of the iPad – and even record a video of me talking if I really wanted and then edit/mix it all together afterwards in post. That’s the power of Screenflow – the screen capture software I use.