Recording an iPad mini Display for App Reviews

Start­ing with the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and now the iPad mini, you’re able to use Air­Play to send what you see on your iOS device to an AppleTV. Great for using your iPad for Keynote or play­ing a game on a big screen.

If you add in an extra Mac appli­ca­tion called Reflec­tor ($14.99), you can use your Mac as the out­put device so you can see what’s on the iPad on your Mac. Throw in a screen cap­ture pro­gram like Screen­Flow 4 ($99) and you can record videos of your iPad or iPhone which are great for train­ing or reviews.

I recorded a quick test using Reflec­tor and Screen­flow while I played a quick game of Ski Safari ($0.99).

Sam­ple Video

Direct link to video

Add a lit­tle voice over and a few title/​graphics and you could do a pretty pro­fes­sional look­ing app review or promo/​training video for a new app.

What do you think? Worth doing for a few apps I talk about on here?