Three Things That Should Trouble Apple

I really like the premise for Guy English’s1 arti­cle, Three Things That Should Trou­ble Apple:

I believe that many Apple observers have been too invested in pick­ing off the low hang­ing fruit of obvi­ously out-​​of-​​touch com­men­ta­tors, colum­nists, and ana­lysts. Apple is win­ning. It’s fun to pick on the idiots, and we do tune in for the affir­ma­tion that engen­ders, but that’s not insight. It’s a tag team wedgie patrol. It takes a cleaver intel­lect to dis­man­tle bull­shit but, ulti­mately, it often just ends up with pants­ing the dumb guy. Rather than doing that let’s aim to pants the A-​​grade quarterback.

Take the high road and point the lens back on the Mac and fig­ure out what needs improv­ing. Good stuff.

  1. Yes that’s his real name. For extra con­fu­sion he appar­ently lives in the coun­try of Québec. Where eng­lish is but one of the lan­guages spo­ken appar­ently.