Bono Gets a Facebook Lift

Jour­nal­ists must get giddy over the prospect of rolling out puns and awk­ward titles at times like these.

U2 front­man Bono finally has found what he’s look­ing for – at least when it comes to tech invest­ments.

Bono’s part of an invest­ment fund, Ele­va­tion Part­ners, who’ve invested in a vari­ety of tech related busi­nesses over the years. Notably Palm, sub­se­quently bought by HP and destroyed, and Yelp, the some­what pop­u­lar review site. But with their invest­ment in Face­book in 2010, own­ing 1.5% of the soon to be pub­lic com­pany could be worth $1.5 bil­lion. Not bad for a $270 mil­lion investment.

As an added bonus, Bono could poten­tially become the rich­est rock star on the planet:

The devel­op­ment means Bono could be worth, on paper at least, as much as $1.1 bil­lion (£695 mil­lion), some $300 mil­lion (£189 mil­lion) richer than the cur­rent most-​​wealthy rock star, Sir Paul McCartney.

The stock mar­ket works in mys­te­ri­ous ways.

It’s a beau­ti­ful day… for Bono.

The Face­book IPO is even bet­ter than the real thing… for Bono.

Hold me, thrill me, invest in me, sell me?

Bono can finally afford to give the streets a name.

The sweet­est thing… is when the rich get richer.

I’ll be here all week.