Design Is a Job

I’ve been read­ing Mike Monterio’s writ­ings on his design studio’s blog, fol­low­ing his rants and trollings on Twit­ter (Back­ground image pos­si­bly not safe for work if your work is offended by a paint­ing of a top­less Bea Arthur. Now I’m curi­ous to see how many of you click that link), and lis­tened to his pod­cast.

Now Mike’s got a new book pub­lished by A Book Apart called Design is a Job.

The pre­view from chap­ter two isn’t that reas­sur­ing of the path I’ve cho­sen but con­firms that how I’ve been liv­ing for the last 7 months is “normal”:

The biggest lie in this book would be if I told you I don’t worry about where the next client is com­ing from. I could tell you that once you build up enough of a port­fo­lio, or gar­ner enough expe­ri­ence, or achieve a cer­tain level of noto­ri­ety in the indus­try, this won’t be a con­cern any­more. I could tell you I sleep soundly, not bolt­ing out of bed at 4 a.m. to run laps around the local high school track. I could tell you that I never worry about enough presents under the tree. I could tell you these things, but I’d be lying. And I don’t want to lie to you. Get­ting clients is the most pet­ri­fy­ing and scary thing I can think of in the world. I’d rather wres­tle lady Ben­gal tigers in heat with meat strapped to my gen­i­tals than look for new clients.

Also worth read­ing is Mike’s blog post on his path to writ­ing the book:

But now, with my 13 year old boy in front of me, I had to admit that I was afraid. Afraid of fail­ing. Of walk­ing up there with my fly down. Of being dis­cov­ered as a fraud. But, in that moment, with that 13 year old in front of me, I became more afraid of some­thing else. Of fail­ing him. Of pass­ing my fear along to the per­son who needed me to be some­one better.

I ordered the ebook and print ver­sion. I have most of the other books that A Book Apart has pub­lished and they’re such great qual­ity books both in their pro­duc­tion as well as the con­tent that it’s worth hav­ing them on the shelf to pull down for a quick read or inspiration.

It’s also avail­able in the iBook­store for $8.99 if you pre­fer read­ing on your iOS device.

Design Is a Job - Mike Monteiro