I can hon­estly say I don’t have any real FOMO (fear of miss­ing out), as it relates to social media and giv­ing up Twit­ter for lent.

There is a com­pany that sells radar equip­ment to the police as well as radar detec­tors to the pub­lic. Clorox is one of the world’s worst pol­luters of water, and also sells Brita fil­ters to get the bad stuff out of the water again. Lawyers cre­ate mazes that you have to hire a lawyer to escape. Sim­i­larly social soft­ware both cre­ates and cures FOMO. If you didn’t know that party was going on, you’d be home con­tent­edly read­ing your lat­est New Yorker. But since you do, you hun­grily watch each new tweet.

From an arti­cle posted by Cate­rina Fake, co-​​founder of Flickr. Via kot​tke​.org

I always jus­ti­fied my use of Twit­ter for the social aspect of it as it relates to my work in web design and new media/​podcasting, and there is cer­tainly some of that that I miss.

It’s cer­tainly harder to find peo­ple to inter­view for Wel­come to the Inter­net. I used to be able to just scan through my Twit­ter feed and quickly pick some­one out that seemed inter­est­ing. Now I have to stum­ble upon a blog or web­site, read some of their posts (What?? More than 140 char­ac­ters?? That’s too long!!) and send them an email to find out if they’re inter­ested in doing it. And then wait for a reply.

Who has time for that?