You Are So Loved”

When you are dying, you need to be told how loved you are.”

Yes­ter­day an hon­our guard solider was killed in my country’s cap­i­tal city, Ottawa.

The soldier’s name was Nathan Cir­illo. The name of the cow­ard who shot him in the back while guard­ing The National War Memo­r­ial is not worth repeat­ing. The cow­ard was later killed by the sergeant-​​at-​​arms.

It’s so sense­less and ran­dom. I don’t under­stand how some­one can make the choice to end another human being’s life.

iPhone 6 Slow-​​mo Comparison

I shot video of my brother-​​in-​​law over the week­end with the iPhone 6’s 240fps mode — also avail­able on iPhone 5S’ as well– and then wanted to quickly upload it to YouTube or Vimeo to share.

The prob­lem is under iOS (iOS8 too), the share sheet upload option appar­ently com­presses the footage more than using the native YouTube Cap­ture or Vimeo apps for iOS. But if you just go grab the video clip in your Cam­era Roll and try upload­ing to YouTube it doesn’t have the slow motion “effect” applied.

My Work­flow to Get Slow-​​mo Clips to the Web

I started by putting the slow-​​mo clip into iMovie for iOS, turn­ing on the fade-​​in/​fade-​​out options, choos­ing a theme which adds back­ground music and then saved it back to the cam­era roll. Slow-​​mo set­tings still intact.

Then I used the afore­men­tioned YouTube Cap­ture and Vimeo apps to upload to each service.

Which ser­vice does a bet­ter job of compressing/​presenting the video? (YouTube ads notwith­stand­ing. I pay for a Vimeo Plus account for client videos.


Direct link to video


Direct link to video

Make sure the “HD” option is set.

Can you tell the difference?

►Daily(ish) 41: How to Be Successful in 21 Easy Steps

Link-​​bait title notwith­stand­ing, Chris talks a bit about how suc­cess is per­ceived in our cul­ture and his own strug­gles with run­ning a busi­ness and the suc­cesses and fail­ures along the way.

I ended up reveal­ing more of my own struggles/​issues with decid­ing to run a busi­ness than I had intended to on this pod­cast. This is me — warts and all.

Lis­ten to Daily(ish) episode 41.

Jim Sheridan Supports Free U2

Direc­tor and friend of the band:

“If you give some­thing away to 500 mil­lion peo­ple, I sup­pose at least three peo­ple are always going to com­plain,” he told the Diary.

There’s an inter­est­ing tid­bit at the end of the article:

He (Jim Sheri­dan) is also in talks with Amer­i­can sta­tion HBO about mak­ing a small-​​screen ver­sion of his Oscar-​​nominated movie In Amer­ica, telling the story of strug­gling Irish emi­grants in New York.

In Amer­ica (Rent/​buy on iTunes) is one of my favorite movies. My love for all things Irish notwith­stand­ing, it’s a beau­ti­ful film with a great cast includ­ing two real life sis­ters play­ing the lit­tle girls in the story.

An HBO series based on the story would be great.