Jon Krakauer on Greg Mortenson

Jon Krakauer gives an update on where Greg Morten­son, author of Three Cups of Tea, is these days after being revealed to be a fraud and abuser of dona­tions to his char­ity. Turns out, quite well actually:

Turn­ing a blind eye to his dis­hon­est words and deeds, the CAI board of direc­tors has con­tin­ued to pitch Morten­son as the organization’s moral exem­plar and guid­ing light, and still pays him $176,000 per year, accord­ing to the lat­est finan­cial records released by CAI.

Incred­i­bly, Morten­son has attempted to build actual bridges to try and help con­nect his lies:

And here’s the kicker: It was Morten­son who per­son­ally arranged for this bridge to be built and paid for with CAI funds, accord­ing to Zaman Ali, a res­i­dent of Askole who helped build it.


When our heroes turn out to be sleaze­bags, self-​​deception is eas­ier than fac­ing the facts.

Presentations — A New Field Guide by David Sparks

David Sparks has just released a new book in his Field Guide series enti­tled “Pre­sen­ta­tions”:

This Pre­sen­ta­tion Field Guide explains how to plan a pre­sen­ta­tion that will con­nect with your audi­ence, the tech­ni­cal wiz­ardry to cre­ate a stun­ning pre­sen­ta­tion, and walks you through pre­sen­ta­tion day to make sure it goes off with­out a hitch.

The book includes 5 chap­ters (The Trou­ble With Pre­sen­ta­tions, Tell a Story, Apple Keynote, Other Pre­sen­ta­tion Soft­ware, and Pre­sen­ta­tion Day) and 44 screen­casts, audio inter­views, and other rich media assets to help you make your next pre­sen­ta­tion riveting.

It’s avail­able in the iBooks store for $10.99 or in a PDF ver­sion direct from David’s site.


Direct link to video trailer for Pre­sen­ta­tions Field Guide

Pre­sen­ta­tions, along with the other Mac­Sparky F also a great demo of what’s pos­si­ble with iBooks Author, Apple’s free pub­lish­ing app for the iBooks store.

Be sure to check out pre­vi­ous books in the Mac­Sparky Field Guide series includ­ing Mark­down, Paper­less, and Email.

►Show Me Your Mic 43: Lex Friedman — Your Stats are Totally Bogus

Lex joins Chris Enns to update lis­ten­ers on the pod­casts he’s been doing since his last appear­ance, Soundcloud’s push into pod­cast­ing, and of course pod­cast­ing spon­sor­ship. Num­bers, dol­lars and other impor­tant words are dis­cussed in great length. And short length.

I’ve enjoyed all (cur­rently two so tech­ni­cally I should say “both” but all sounds more impres­sive, right?) the chats I’ve got­ten to have with Lex Fried­man and this one was no exception.

Lis­ten to Show Me Your Mic with Lex Fried­man.

The Milk Carton Kids

Live From Lin­coln The­atre (Full DVD Stream):

Direct link to video

Found this band via Marco Arment. You may enjoy them as well if you like folksy songs with a touch of acoustic gui­tar magic.

Their first two albums are sup­posed to be avail­able for free on their web­site but per­haps because of the Marco Arment tweet, their Drop­box account is sus­pended due to too many downloads.

Their 3rd album, the Grammy nom­i­nated Ash & Clay, is avail­able on iTunes.

►The Intellectual Radio Program 43: Babymakin’ Playlist

We talk music, CDs, LPs and orga­niz­ing by name or date and how we’re miss­ing out on the phys­i­cal in our mod­ern world. We start talk­ing about movies Tim needs to watch. And we dis­cuss Marco Arment’s new pod­cast app Over­cast and won­der where the heck this show has gone.

Lis­ten to episode 43 of The Intel­lec­tual Radio Program