I’m Not Distracted At All

I’m try­ing out this dis­trac­tion free writ­ing mode on Word­Press v4.1. It looks and works pretty sweet. It doesn’t take over the whole screen, just the win­dow that you are work­ing in. Which is kind of nice because then you can still see other things going on if you need to and a quick mouse move­ment out­side the text box brings up the stan­dard Word­Press menu.

Check out a quick video of how it works.

It’s almost some­thing they should just enable by default. I could see clients/​users I inter­act with enjoy­ing it but not likely to find it or even use it because it sounds “fancy” to enable a dis­trac­tion free writ­ing zone when you’re just updat­ing the com­pany blog about a new wid­get that’s on sale.

But it works for that level of writ­ing just as well as it does for long form, thought-​​leader thought-​​pieces like what you’d com­monly find on Medium​.com.

I’d sug­gest you click the lit­tle expander “X” thing above your Word­Press con­tent block and try it out.

expanderx-thing-WordPress 4.1

Space Age Now Available for iOS

Space Age is a game of cos­mic adven­ture. Set in the retro-​​futuristic sci-​​fi world of 1976, it fol­lows a small but deter­mined band of inter­galac­tic explor­ers who land on a seem­ingly unin­hab­ited planet, Kepler-​​16. They soon dis­cover there’s some­thing both strange and famil­iar about this alien place…

This is one of the few times I get to actu­ally say “I’ve been test­ing this for a few weeks now and it’s great” because some­how I man­aged to get an invite on to the Space Age beta and play through it a bit — up until I upgraded my phone and was no longer a nov­elty user run­ning an iPhone 4 AND par­tially colour blind. Plus it’s set in the year I was born. So there’s that.

I only played through the first two lev­els but can def­i­nitely say it’s a blast to play. The sto­ry­line of the game is fun to get into and the nos­tal­gic 90s style game play is lots of fun. Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi, the devel­op­ers of the game under the com­pany name Big Bucket Soft­ware, do such a great job of min­ing nos­tal­gic ele­ments while still keep­ing the game mod­ern with game­play ele­ments, flow, style and user interface.

If you like this style of game, you should check out their pre­vi­ous game, The Inci­dent (iOS App Store, Mac App Store).

Pick up Space Age for only $3.99 in the App Store. Pair­ing your iOS device with an AppleTV and putting it up on the big screen via Air­Play would be a great way to play it.

They’re appar­ently work­ing on a Mac ver­sion of Space Age as well.

You can also pick up the sound­track for the game in iTunes — Space Age (Orig­i­nal Game Sound­track) by Cabel Sasser — if you need more 8bit tunes in your life.


Direct link to trailer video

Game­play Preview

Direct link to pre­view video


My Favourite iOS Podcast App Gets an Update

If you asked me before today which iOS app was my favourite since iOS 8 came out, I’d have told you Pocket Casts.

Then today Shifty Jelly updated Pocket Casts to ver­sion 5 and it became my slightly more favourite’er (it’s a word ok) iOS pod­cast player.

Then we noticed that not only was Trans­mis­sion, Kyle & Kenny Roderick’s awe­some pod­cast, fea­tured heav­ily through­out the web­site and app, they also used a hint of Show Me Your Mic’s art­work on their blog post announcement:

Screenshot 2014-11-06 21.08.50

Maybe some­day I’ll become blasé about see­ing my pod­cast show art pop up around the web, but that day is not today.

After you’ve set up Pocket Cast on your iOS device of choice, be sure to check out their web app at play​.pock​et​casts​.com.

By the way, here’s a few things that are new in Pocket Cast 5:

  • Refreshed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Hand­off sup­port. For those of you that use our new web player you can now tap one but­ton on your mac, and it will open the same episode in the web player, auto-​​loaded to where you’re cur­rently up to.
  • Action­able noti­fi­ca­tions. You can now add to Up Next and down­load directly from a noti­fi­ca­tion, with­out hav­ing to open the app.
  • Per pod­cast noti­fi­ca­tion set­tings, you can now choose to receive noti­fi­ca­tions for only the pod­casts you care the most about.
  • Auto down­loads any new episodes that come out for that pod­cast, a huge boon for the hourly pod­cast fans among us.