►Leslie Camacho — The Problems We Choose

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Leslie Cama­cho, one of the hosts of The Mar­riage Startup pod­cast — a pod­cast that looks at the strug­gle to keep home life in bal­ance when work seems like it is your life.

We talk about record­ing a pod­cast with your spouse, how to set aside time to make it hap­pen, bound­raries for talk­ing about fam­ily while still being open and inter­est­ing, and besides the usual pod­cast sug­ges­tions we get into some board game sug­ges­tions as well.

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Steve Nash Retires

Classy retire­ment let­ter from Canada’s best bas­ket­ball export:

I heard some­one once say there comes a day when they tell us all that we can’t play any­more. We’re not good enough. Sur­plus to require­ments. Too slow, maybe. When you’re a teenager with out­sized dreams and a grow­ing obses­sion, and some­one tells you this ain’t gonna last for­ever, it’s scary. I never for­got it.

►Daily(ish) 82: Should You Periscope?

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Periscope, Twitter’s new live video stream­ing app is out. Should you use it? What could you use it for? The answers may sur­prise you. More after the jump.

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Periscope vs Meerkat | Far­away, So Close
Periscope for iOS
Meerkat for iOS

Periscope vs Meerkat

Meerkat is an app, cur­rently only for iOS, that allows you to tap a but­ton and start stream­ing live video out to the world from your iPhone.

Periscope is an app that basi­cally does the same thing and was just released, also for iOS only so far. Twit­ter bought the app before it was even released.

The bat­tle for the live stream has begun.

Mat Honan for Buz­zfeed:

Fire up the app, launch the cam­era, and the app tweets out a mes­sage (if you want it to) that you have gone live. Simul­ta­ne­ously, a noti­fi­ca­tion fires off — with that lit­tle look-​​at-​​me whis­tle — to every­one fol­low­ing you on Periscope. As they join in, they can com­ment on what you’re doing. And because it has super-​​low lag time — or latency, to use the term of art — peo­ple watch­ing can com­ment on your actions more or less as they hap­pen. It means that peo­ple watch­ing the video can change the course of what’s happening.

I just tried it out for this post and got 10 ran­dom peo­ple, none of whom fol­low me on Twit­ter to my knowl­edge, watch­ing me do basi­cally nothing.

The app allows you to save your video locally after­wards — because I know I’ll want to re-​​watch that amaz­ing footage over and over — as well as store it on the app in the cloud for peo­ple to be equally as excited by the amaz­ing video you shot.

Ulti­mately I think the live video stream­ing idea will adopted by other com­pa­nies — Face­book no doubt is already work­ing on some­thing — and it’ll become as nor­mal to live stream your lunch as it is right now to put a pic­ture on Instagram.

Screen­shots of Periscope

From Wing Commander to Star Citizen

If there was ever a game that would make me want to go back to my days on Win­dows and mess­ing with video cards, Sound­blaster dri­vers and joy­sticks, Star Cit­i­zen looks like the one.

The suc­ces­sor to Wing Com­m­man­der, a game I spent many hours in fly­ing a vir­tual space­ship try­ing to save the galaxy, Star Cit­i­zen is a com­mer­cial cal­i­bre game crowd­funded to the tune of $70 mil­lion cur­rently and poten­tially reach­ing $100 mil­lion in 2015.

I remem­ber the world feel­ing so huge and alive back in 1990 in Wing Com­man­der. Star Cit­i­zen looks incredible:

Star Cit­i­zen Video Overview

Direct link to video

Char­lie Hall over at Poly­gon has a great write up of get­ting his first kill in Star Cit­i­zen:

I’m watch­ing the Hornet’s shields fail on my HUD and sud­denly, bru­tally, the Gla­d­ius launches a sin­gle mis­sile right up its tailpipe. It’s high­lighted by a spin­ning tri­an­gle on my screen and it bears down mer­ci­lessly on the Hor­net and det­o­nates just as the pilot is pulling back on the throt­tle to dodge an aster­oid. The Hor­net cart­wheels twice before it slams face first against the aster­oid and breaks up. The light around it on my HUD winks out.


SXSW Trailer

Direct link to the video

Bet­ter start sav­ing my pennies.

Inspector Gadget on Netflix

Appar­ently they’re remak­ing Inspec­tor Gad­get and it’s com­ing to Net­flix on March 27th:

Direct link to video

Inspec­tor Gad­get is back and must face his old enemy, the evil Dr. Claw, who has reac­ti­vated M.A.D., his global crime syndicate.

Net­flix is hit­ting that sweet spot of shows for par­ents (i.e. House of Cards) along with kids shows that those same par­ents will enjoy — or at least tolerate.