►Daily(ish) 75: Tweetless Lent

I’ve decided to give up Twit­ter for lent. Nor­mally I’d just tweet stuff like this out but… I recorded an episode of Daily(ish) to explain it a bit, so if you’re curi­ous you can lis­ten here.

Clar­i­fi­ca­tion on what I meant by giv­ing up Twit­ter for Lent in yesterday’s episode. And argu­ments about pod­cast lis­ten­ing speed.

As I said in the episode, I’d like to think that I’ll pod­cast more and spend the time I would’ve spent on Twit­ter in deep, con­tem­pla­tive thought about life and what it all means — but I know it’ll be just as easy to fill that void with other dis­trac­tions if I’m not careful.

Are you giv­ing up any­thing for lent? Or maybe just stop­ping some­thing for a period of time to eval­u­ate what effect it has on you?

You Are Not a Content Creator

Direct link to video

(Swear words ahead)

Sites like Patreon are, in my opin­ion, the way forward.

Don’t just leech! Give back to the artists, video mak­ers, pod­cast­ers, writ­ers, painters, etc. that you love, enjoy and appre­ci­ate. They are not get­ting rich off of the likes, views, reblogs and favs you bestow upon them and if you want them to be around to keep mak­ing the stuff you enjoy watch­ing, lis­ten­ing, look­ing at or what­ever they need your help.

Build and Launch with Justin Jackson

Speak­ing of how to get started pod­cast­ing, Justin Jack­son is 5 episodes in to his new pod­cast called Build and Launch — his plan is to launch a new mini-​​product/​service each week in Feb­ru­ary — but as part of his launch week for the pod­cast he’s spent the first 5 episodes talk­ing about how he’s record­ing his podcast:

Justin’s been a fre­quent guest on Good­stuff shows and is always enter­tain­ing. He’s done a great job of giv­ing advice on set­ting up a pod­cast — I par­tic­u­larly dig his use of his fam­ily to give per­spec­tive on what he’s try­ing to do. Some­thing I’ll have to try and incor­po­rate more on Daily(ish) if my fam­ily is willing.

►Show Me Your Mic 69: Tyler Stalman — The Most Minor Celebrity Possible

Lis­ten here

Tyler Stal­man joins Chris Enns to talk about his pod­cast Cam­eras or What­ever as well as the inter­nal video pod­cast he pro­duces for his day job. Find out about Tyler’s claim to pod­cast­ing fame and how Chris and Tyler jus­tify their PR40 purchases.

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Links and Show Notes

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Show Me Your Mic #19: Bill Wad­man — Good­stuff FM

Bill Wad­man joins me for episode 19 and we spend a bit of time talk­ing about his pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness and the gear he uses for that before get­ting into a dis­cus­sion on his pod­cast – On Tak­ing Pic­tures. We talk 5by5, live stream­ing, and work­flow of pro­duc­ing a two per­son pho­tog­ra­phy podcast.

Stocksy United — Royalty-​​Free Stock Photos
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Host­ing for Your First Pod­cast | Far­away, So Close
Pod­trac — Pre­mium Online Shows and Audiences

Hosting for Your First Podcast with WordPress

Mikey asked on Twit­ter:

In my pre­vi­ous post I didn’t go into much detail about where and why you’d host your MP3 files for your podcast.

Start­ing Out

I firmly believe if you’re going to make some­thing a seri­ous hobby, you shouldn’t feel bad or afraid to put some money into it. But you def­i­nitely don’t have to — par­tic­u­larly if you’re short on cash.

If you’ve got an exist­ing web host­ing plan for your podcast’s web­site (I love A Small Orange — affil­i­ate link) you can host your files from right inside your Word­Press media uploader or via FTP. As I said in the ear­lier post, you want to make sure it’s ok with your host­ing com­pany but if an episode of your pod­cast is going to be down­loaded under a 100 times — my first pod­cast series was down­loaded ~15 times per episode — most host­ing com­pa­nies won’t get too worried.

WordPress Media uploader

It’s not ideal in terms of down­load speeds for your lis­ten­ers but again — we’re not wor­ry­ing about all that fancy stuff now, right?

Spend­ing a Fivver with Libsyn

The next step would be to use a ded­i­cated pod­cast host­ing com­pany. Lib­syn has a $5 plan that you could actu­ally run your entire pod­cast and web­site off if you really wanted to. I’m per­son­ally not a huge fan of how their web­sites work and pre­fer to host the web­site else­where — see my tuto­r­ial video on how to get a web­site set up on your own domain — but again, if money is tight then $5 a month is a cheap way to start your podcast.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 11.33.19

The way Libsyn’s stor­age amounts work is this: you upload a 40MB pod­cast file to Lib­syn. That file counts against your stor­age for the next 30 days. After 30 days if you’ve uploaded noth­ing else, you go back to hav­ing your full stor­age amount.

TL;DR: Every file only counts against your stor­age for 30 days.

You can add a $2/​month upgrade to your account to get basic stats for your pod­cast. This helps give you a more accu­rate idea of how many down­loads your pod­cast is get­ting. Not com­pletely nec­es­sary unless your van­ity requires you to check stats two to three times a day. Speak­ing for a friend who does that it’s com­pletely nor­mal and healthy. Really.


I want to men­tion that my favorite Word­Press pod­cast­ing plu­gin has a host­ing option. I haven’t used them so I can’t speak to how good/​bad/​ugly they are — their pric­ing seems a bit higher than Lib­syn but price shouldn’t be the only rea­son: being able to upload right from your Word­Press post entry screen would be very handy. And they appar­ently sup­port auto­mated ID3 tag­ging so you wouldn’t have to use a sep­a­rate app (iTunes, ID3 Edi­tor) to add meta­data to your MP3’s before you upload.

Def­i­nitely worth check­ing out.


Square­space can take care of both your web­site host­ing and your pod­cast file host­ing — depend­ing on the plan you choose — all in one place. They pre­pare an RSS feed for you that you can sub­mit to iTunes and have a great look­ing MP3/​media player for your web­site. The $8/​month plan gives you 2GB of stor­age which should be more than enough room for a start­ing pod­cast. (For exam­ple: A recent episode of Show Me Your Mic is 72 min­utes long and just over 41MB. That would give you approx. 40 episodes of stor­age on the $8/​month Square­space plan.


On episode 69 of my pod­cast Show Me Your Mic, my guest Tyler Stal­man talked about how he uses Square­space to host his pod­cast but incor­po­rates Pod­trac to get stats on downloads.

Square­space allows you to make great look­ing web­sites with­out a lot of has­sle. Which, if your goal is to start pod­cast­ing, I’m all for things that make every­thing else you do eas­ier and less of a hassle.

What Should You Do?

The quick answer: what’s right for you. Don’t stress it too much because lis­ten­ers don’t care where your show is hosted as long as they can lis­ten to it.

The longer ver­sion: Per­son­ally my rec­om­men­da­tion is to grow your host­ing plan as your pod­cast grows. As long as you keep a copy of your pod­cast episodes some­where locally — and even if you don’t, it’s easy enough to sub­scribe to your own pod­cast and down­load them all again — you can upload them and redi­rect feeds to wher­ever you move your host­ing to. So start with host­ing it what­ever web host plan you have and then as your needs and lis­ten­er­ship grow, move along. As long as you reg­is­ter a domain name (included with A Small Orange or Square­space sign ups) peo­ple won’t have to even know where your pod­cast files are actu­ally hosted — and won’t care.

As long as they can lis­ten, they could care less about whether it came from Lib­syn, Square­space or webhostingcompany.xyz.

What Do I Do?

I’ve set­tled on Lib­syn for my per­sonal pod­cast stuff. At Good­stuff we use Ama­zon S3 pri­mar­ily because we have a cus­tom CMS that needed API hooks that S3 pro­vides. Or some other fancy tech­ni­cal words that I don’t understand.

If I was on my own and start­ing out again, I’d take a seri­ous look at Blu­brry. The fact that you don’t have to edit meta­data is a huge time saver — but your mileage may vary.

Feel free to leave a com­ment below or ask me on Twit­ter if you have spe­cific ques­tions and I’ll do my best to answer all ques­tions in a future post or a video.

►Daily(ish) 70: Go To Bed You Dummy

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Pod­cast­ing post follow-​​up and bed­time routines.

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Talk­ing about fam­ily break­fast rou­tines and how ours just changed. What break­fast rou­tines do/​did you have with your family?