Bono on Tax Evasion and Business Smarts

Bono also addressed criticism that the move contradicts his history of charity work. He insisted: “Because you’re good at philanthropy and because I am an activist people think you should be stupid in business and I don’t run with that.” The Edge added, “So much of our business is outside of Ireland so it is ridiculous to make a big deal out of it.”

Source: NME News Bono on tax

I get why people like to argue about what a rich person does with their money – but when we have almost no idea of where their money is spent and what percentage of it is given away, why bother wasting time on it?

Mistake One – New MacBook Review by Marco Arment

But in a brief period of questionable judgment yesterday, I impulse-bought the new MacBook, which I call the MacBook One.1 My theory was that I could use it for roles in which I’ve failed to use iPads because they don’t work for me: writing and email around the house or in bed, and bringing on most trips that wouldn’t involve Xcode. It would be my iPad Pro. I’ve been waffling for years about finding a cheap 11-inch MacBook Air to serve this role, but I didn’t want a non-Retina machine.

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I’ve tried the new MacBook in a store and I didn’t mind the keyboard and trackpad – but that’s quite different from day to day use. I’m disappointed to hear how slow it is.

►Aaron Mahnke – Caring About All the Parts

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Aaron’s only 6 episodes in to his new podcast Lore – a bi-weekly podcast about the history behind scary stories – but his attention to all the details of producing a story-driven podcast has resulted in unexpected but well deserved attention and popularity.

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I really enjoyed this conversation with Aaron – all the more so because we set up the interview 5 minutes before it happened so I had zero prep time and we just talked. Sometimes that works out great, as with this conversation.

The Sliding Scale of Giving a F**k

Interestingly, it turns out that many, many of the decisions I’m a part of day-to-day and week-to-week rate pretty low on the scale. It’s rare that I find myself beyond a five, which is probably right. Someone said to me once: if everything is an emergency, then nothing is. Similarly, if I’m a ten-out-of-ten on every single decision I’m ever a part of, how can anyone know or trust me when I say something’s very important to me? Having an internal barometer for what’s important and what’s less critical is incredibly useful for helping others trust your responses to ideas and proposals.

Source: The Sliding Scale of Giving a F**k

So much time in meetings is wasted on things nobody really cares about.

U2 Reinvent the Arena Show at Triumphant ‘Innocence’ Tour Opener | Rolling Stone

It’s worth noting that the group’s innovative new sound system, which utilizes a series of speakers hung from the ceiling spread evenly throughout the venue, sounded absolutely amazing. Just about every other live act in history simply stacked their sound equipment near the stage and blasted it out across the entire house, almost deafening a chunk of the crowd in the process. This new approach results in far a cleaner, crisper, significantly less abrasive acoustics. It deserves to become the new standard.

Source: U2 Reinvent the Arena Show at Triumphant ‘Innocence’ Tour Opener | Rolling Stone

Just experimenting with the newish WordPres bookmarklet. It works about as well as the tumblr version which is a good start. I wish it could grab a featured image automagically like the Tumblr dashboard version does.